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Sason kosher catering location - by the ocean
poolside location from Sason kosher gourmet catering in Los Angeles
Sason Kosher catering in Los Angeles - facilities Gold room
Sason kosher catering in LA - facilities Black and White room

Event Facilities and Venues


Map of Southern California - facilities for Sason kosher catering in LA







Here is only a partial list (PDF format - 20k) of some of the facilities and venues you can choose from in Southern California. Click on this link - facilities list - to open and view the PDF file. *

Please call to discuss YOUR needs. We have a database full of fabulous places to recommend (being in business for over twenty years has its benefits) and can pull them up by city, capacity, name. Most have their own Web sites so you can view pictures and get directions. There are way too many sites available in Southern California for us to list them all here.

You can also go to this link:   help us help you … plan your event and ask for an estimate for your event.


* You may download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the list here: Sason kosher catering - get Adobe reader link


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